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Greenlight Go! Finally back to 'work'...

Finally have the tools I need to get some work done and it feels amazing...

One in Five Photo Project - Prospect Park Snowmen

Part of my new project, One in Five, where I take 5 shots of one thing.

Before and after the snow in photos...

A before and after shot of the snow storm we had in NYC.

One in Five Photo Project - Subway in the Snow

A new project where I take 5 different shots of one person, place or thing. This weeks "One in Five" is my subway stop after a snowstorm. Enjoy!

My Photography 'Bucket List' - What's yours?

I love this idea! Thanks to Darren Rowse over at Digital Photography School for coming up with a photography bucket list and encouraging us to make our own.

Still standing

A lone, melting snowman is left on the lawn at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Early to rise...

Maybe I was just excited because today is my first day off for a couple weeks, but for some reason I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning. This shot was taken out my window as the sun began to rise.

A year in photos....

Time to pick my favorite or most memorable shot from each month of the year and make you look at them. So here...go look at them.

A tree 15 years later in photos

One photo taken 15 years ago and another taken in the present day.


We had our first snow storm of the season!

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