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Weekend Photograph - Reviving Inspiration

The one where I share a macro photograph of a dragonfly. Inspiration found!

Magical Balloons In Prospect Park

I found a magical man in the park today.

All I Gotta Do Is Act Naturally

Discovering my passion in life while discovering my passion in life. Yes, you read that right.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

All week I've been angry with myself for not posting and all week I've been trying to figure out why. I worry...

Where I Am, Creatively Speaking

Originally uploaded by RGP So it's no mystery, I have been in a sort of lull lately. It's not one of...

5 Things Boys Should Know

Originally uploaded by RGP Some tips for boys...specifically boys who have been in a relationship for quite sometime.1. Get excited for...

Shaping up!

Originally uploaded by RGP Alright, no more excuses! I finally have my life back, rehearsals are over and my schedule is...

Hope and the Ultimate Compliment

And now, the biggest compliment and accomplishment I've ever had, the picture in this post. You may remember this drawing from my doodle a day for a year project. A bunch of the ladies I "hang" with online really loved it which was enough to make me happy, but then one of the gals (zoogal to be specific) actually had it tattooed on her back (as you can see).

Please Don't Tickle Me Elmo

Okay, for those of you who haven't visited my photostream on flickr lately,  this Elmo shot has just recently hit the...

Graffiti and a New Photoshop Technique

This is a shot taken from my subway platform.  There is a ton of graffiti lining the wall across the tracks...

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