I'm back at work this week and missing the outdoors already.

Backwards and Forward

Looking back on old photos, found this great one of the fella. He's coming home soon!

A milestone...

Today I have a photograph (with my naaaaaaaaaaaame under it!!) in the New York Times for the "Lyric is Waiting" review.

Feeling Accomplished

I did it! My first official photo shoot!

Get Me Outta Here

Don't mind me, just longing to get the hell outta the city for awhile.

Getting Out

My brother invited me to join him on a trip to Coney Island for the Siren Festival this weekend.

Marfa - 13 Female Photogs, 1 Far Away Town

This is just about the coolest photography collective I've seen yet.

I'm back...

There are tons of things I wanted to capture on my vacation down south this weekend, but most of all I wanted lightning.

Where's Ry?

A short vacation to paradise with an ocean view.

Underwater fairytale

How could you not love this amazing project called Underwater Fairytale by Elena Kalis?

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A little about...

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