Mysterio Predicts Your Christmas Presents

Check out Mysterio...he'll tell you what you're getting for Christmas.

Gotta See It - Your face as a mask...

I know it's not Halloween anymore, but I couldn't pass up sharing this with you.

Gripe it out

If it weren't for the little moments like the one pictured, I'm not sure how I would make it sometimes.

A new month...

As I recently explained, September straight up sucked. Ok, well I didn't really explain it all that well, but you can trust me on that.

Improv Everywhere's Invisible Dog Outing

Check out Improv Everywhere's latest mission...to walk the streets of Brooklyn with invisible dogs.

Time out for daft...

My buddy, Ben Salvo, over at Salvograms brought my attention to the hilarious blog Everything is Terrible (how have I missed this?) and this here hilarious video...

It's messy

First show of the season is done! We closed yesterday and I'm praying that the time off and a new month will help get my brain back in gear.

Life Gets in the Way

It's been a little crazy around here.

Don't know what you've got...

Oh boy did I dodge a bullet and learn a lesson.

Pigeon Parliament

Every day at work, when we have our ten minute breaks, my co-worker and I step out back for some fresh air and watch the insanely large group of pigeons hangout on the bridge at the Port Authority.

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