Blogher Does Art... and it was good.

Blogher and Kirtsy put together a beautiful art auction that allowed all of use to communicate and collaborate with the artists. A must see!

Most creative mommy blog? I think so...

A creative way to imagine what your little one is dreaming about...

Gotta See It: Artist Elene Usdin

Expand your horizons with multi-medium artist, Elene Usdin.

Gotta See It: Derick Melander - Second Hand Clothing Sculpture

3,615 pounds. Three thousand, six hundred fifteen pounds. That's how much textile waste is created by New Yorkers every 5 minutes, and that's where sculptor Derrick Melander steps in.

Gotta See It: Hitchcock Re-Envisioned

A must see, Laz Marquez redoes classic Hitchcock posters.

Gotta See It: Layer Tennis - It's on!

It's that time of year again...time for Layer Tennis!

5 Artsy Fartsy Craftsy Designy Blogs you should know about

Time to get your artsy fartsy craft on. Check out this amazing bunch of blogs!

Two Museums, Two Paintings, One Superbowl Bet

This has got to be one of the coolest Superbowl bets in the history of Superbowl bets.

Gotta See It - LOST Showdowns in watercolor

That's right, I'm a LOST fanatic and as you probably know, the show premiere's it's final season tonight! Check out some art work inspired by the show.

Call to artists...'Let's Save Michigan' poster contest

Hey creative Michiganders! Did you know there's a campaign to save your state that needs a poster design? Well now you do, so you're welcome.

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