Dance with your face...

Watch this video of artist Daito Manabe making his face dance with electric shocks.

A couple short films to move you...

Watch the first and second place winners of Tropfest. Guaranteed to move you.

A simple question. A lovely video.

Watch this great little video and answer the question yourself!

Instant Art Grants in Union Square!

The FSNUA gave out free and instant grant money to aspiring artists in Union Square. Check out the video!

Do you care?

Registered yet? If not, this video might convince you...

Target Women with Sarah Haskins

The one where I share a hilarious video that helps lighten my day when things are really busy.

Art is Everywhere

The one where I talk about one of the coolest art forms I've ever witnessed, Parkour.

If you know me just a little...

Two of the things I love so much have now become one!

One Gallon Axe

This video tickles my funny bone like no other. Definitely reminiscent of Tenacious D...but in a world all it's own. I...

Inspiration - Singing in the Rain

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A little about...

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