Design For Mankind's "Dialogue" - Gender and Art

Check out this weeks Dialogue from Design for Mankind talking about gender and art.

A Nice Idea Everyday

Check out this fantastic site, A Nice Idea Everyday, from artists Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Rottger.

Design for Mankind's "Dialogue" - This time it's blogging!

If you're reading this, then chances are you'll be interested in this week's topic: blogs!

Be a part of something big...

You don't have to call yourself a photographer to be a part of the "A Million Little Pictures Project," you just have to be able to take photos with a little disposable camera!

What does your TV say about you?

Photographer Ian J. Whitmore takes a close look at how people's televisions are set up and we get to decide what that says about a person.

New Dialogue from Design for Mankind - Dealing with criticism...

Check out this week's Dialogue from Design for Mankind!

New Dialogue - Overcoming Artist's Block

Hooray! A new Design for Mankind Dialogue, and this time it's all about "Artist's Block!"

Blanket Magazine - Pass It On

A fun project from Blanket Magazine that I found on the Sub-Studio Design blog. Check it out!

How are you doing?

You simply must check out this incredible project. Then get involved by calling the toll free number and answer the quetion "How are you doing?"

Design For Mankind's "Dialogue" - How do you balance?

Check out this great new project, Dialogue, from Design for Mankind. In it, artists talk about how they balance their day.

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