Gotta See It - The TK Helmet Project

Stormtrooper helmets like you've never seen them before... and for charity!

Gotta See It: Layer Tennis - It's on!

It's that time of year again...time for Layer Tennis!

One in Five Photo Project - Subway in the Snow

A new project where I take 5 different shots of one person, place or thing. This weeks "One in Five" is my subway stop after a snowstorm. Enjoy!

Make a toy a day...with your printer!

I have NO idea how Toy a Day slipped passed my radar for so long.

Art House Scavenger Project....Do It!

If you haven't been over to Art House yet, you simply must...whether you consider yourself an artist or not! It's filled with collaborative projects and a great artist community.

Hey artists! Get in Art Forum Mag for $1.50

Seriously, go check it out! You can be an artist in Art Forum magazine!

Marfa - 13 Female Photogs, 1 Far Away Town

This is just about the coolest photography collective I've seen yet.

Help an artist - Michael Hughes

An artist I featured awhile back is selling some photos for super cheap! Check it out...

Design for Mankind's Dialogue - What's Your Niche?

This is a great topic because for me it's something I really struggle with, and after hearing these gals talk...I feel a little bit better.

Street Poetry by Dan Witz

I was browsing through the incredible street art of Dan Witz when I came across one of his older projects (1980).

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