Gotta See It

Gotta See It - Real Life Lichtenstein

Check out this awesome real life model has the famous blond of Roy Lichtenstein's paitings.

Gotta See It - Stabby Hat

It's been a really really long week at work. (Yay 14 hour days!) I think I could really use one of these...

Gotta See It - Short video that cheered me right up...

Just a fantastic little animation from Randall Munroe of xkcd and Noam Raby with a sweet tune that really cheered me up from Olga Nune.

Gotta See It - Found Photos of 'Wild Youth'

You've gotta check out this great collection of found photographs, all of America's youth throughout the decades, from

Gotta See It - Dirt Poster

Check out this fun project by Roland Tiangco.

Gotta See It - 100 Years of Visual Effects

Wow, I knew we'd come a long way, but it's something else to see the evolution of special effects unfold before your eyes.

Gotta See It - Igor Siwanowicz Photography

You absolutely must go check out Igor Siwanowicz's amazing photos. Warning...there's a lot of creepy (thought beautiful) crawlies!

Gotta See It - Moving sand art...

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who creates sand front of live audiences. You've gotta check out this video of her performing on Ukraine's Got Talent:

Gotta See It - Lisel Ashlock Paintings

Do yourself a favor today and take a gander at the amazing work by Lisel Ashlock. It really is extraordinary.

Gotta See It - Staple City

Check out this little city created entirely of staples.

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