Gotta See It - Ashley Meaders

You must see this artist's beautiful website

Gotta See It - Haroshi Skateboard Sculptures

You must must must see these incredible sculptures made entirely from used skateboards.

Gotta See It - The TK Helmet Project

Stormtrooper helmets like you've never seen them before... and for charity!

Happy Sunday! You're gonna wanna win these...

Every now and then I like to do a little roundup of Giveaways (usually of the Etsy kind) because who the heck doesn't like free stuff?

Happy weekend! 5 Super Simple DIY Projects

Try out these 5 super easy to do DIY projects around the home. Have a great weekend!

5 Fantastic DIY Projects

Hope you had a great weekend! Now get crackin' on these DIY projects, will ya?

5 Fantastic Valentine's Day DIY Project Tutorials

You've just gotta see these 5 Valentine's Day projects. Get inspired and make something special for your loved one!

5 Artsy Fartsy Craftsy Designy Blogs you should know about

Time to get your artsy fartsy craft on. Check out this amazing bunch of blogs!

Five great DIY finds this week...

If my world was perfect, I would spend just as much time making these DIY projects as I do staring at them on the internets.

Really easy DIY recycling project - Hurricane Cover

Check out these super simple DIY projects from A Little Hut!

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