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Blogher Does Art... and it was good.

Blogher and Kirtsy put together a beautiful art auction that allowed all of use to communicate and collaborate with the artists. A must see!

Bathroom Parties, Beer and Playdoh

What does it take to get a nerve wracked, lady fearing woman to calm down at a Blogher conference? Why, a bathroom party with the Bloggess!

Dude... I'm at Blogher

Woah... Blogher is insane.

Blogher... Do Not Toss

I am both thrilled and terrified for the up and coming Blogher '10 in New York City. Who's comin with me?

Gotta See It: How to be a Retronaut

Every once in awhile you stumble across a blog you just can't get enough of. That's what happened to me and How to be a Retronaut.

To Blogher or not to Blogher?

Straying from the arts to bring up an important blogging topic: The 2010 Blogher Conference.

Make background patterns with a couple clicks - BgPatterns

I love it when sites make the obnoxious little things so much easier with a couple of clicks.

Arists unite on Indie Junction - A new social networking site

Hey artists, have you heard? There's a new social network in town just for you! It's Indie Junction and it's fantastic. Just a few days old too and getting a big response already!

Check it out...Lifehacker's top photography hacks of '09

I love Lifehacker. I love Lifehackers photography hacks. Check out their top hacks of 2009 in this handy dandy list!

The Strage Attractor's Creative Couples

You've gotta check out this awesome weekly feature over at The Strange Attractor called Creative Couples

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