In a blink (61/90) (by RGP)
My name is Ry Georgia Pepper and I only really write my middle name when I want people to know I'm a girl.  Or a woman.  Whatever.  I have lady bits.

I am a self professed "Jane of All Trades" and this is the inspiration behind Arts & Dafts.  I'm one of those people that never found a singular passion in life.  Instead, I love it all.  I guess the best way to put it is that I find passion in other people's passions.  Seeing others so in love with what they do encourages me to want to learn more.  This is the art (and daft) of my life. 

So when I say "art," I do indeed mean what you're thinking... and then some.  A friend of mine and I like to joke that we're ______ artists.  Like "Oh look, I'm a walking artist!" or "I've perfected the art of standing!"  The point is, there is someone out there who has perfected the art of something, whether it be painting, photography, crafts or laying concrete. 

I am fascinated by this.

I do tend to stick to the more every day definition and feature visual artists, makers and creators.  However, I always leave room for my daily/weekly/monthly interests.  For example, at any given moment,  I might really be into reading, or painting, or baseball, or knitting, or welding.  Tomorrow I could be really into learning the clarinet.

So in a way, Arts & Dafts is about my life, but also an incredible opportunity for me to feature artists you may never have heard of otherwise, or help inspire you with resources, or make you laugh, or maybe, just maybe, piss you off every now and then. 

Basically, like art, there are no boundaries here. 

My deets: I live in Brooklyn, NY with my fella of 9 years. We're not married and we don't have kids by choice.  We have two black cats named Sid (Vicious) and Joey (Ramone).  Although I am a "Jane of All Trades," I have a concentration in photography, writing and theater. To pay the bills, I work as a theater technician On and Off Broadway, but one day all I will have to do is snap photos and write in this blog. That's a fact.

Hey, I really think it's the bees knees you took the time to read this.Thanks! 

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Arts & Dafts aims to inspire, share and create with other artists and art lovers. I'm Ry Pepper, a Jane of All Trades with a concentration in photography, writing, theater, capers, hijinks and other tomfoolery. I'm the daft. -More About

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