Blogher Does Art... and it was good.

Blogher Art Auction

Ok OK, no more slack off excuses. I've slept like a rock for the last day and now it's time to actually get some "work" done.  I imagine I'll mostly be talking about Blogher this week since it was such a HUGE freakin' deal, so hold on to your hats.  I have loads of opinions on the matter and some super experiences to share.

So, the Kirtsy party and art auction on Friday night... this was the very first time during the conference that I started to relax and feel like I had a real purpose for being there. (We'll talk about how freakin hard it was to find the artists and art bloggers later.  And by "we'll talk'" I mean I'll type stuff and you'll read it.)  After hours of feeling a little out of place, extremely overwhelmed and slightly exhausted, I was finally in my own element. 

I split off from the gals I was hanging with and did my own thing.  Look at art, photograph the event, admire it, watch the crowd... just soak it all in at a nice easy pace. 

Each of the 90 Voices of the Year blog posts was paired up with with a piece of art.  There was sculpture, photography, paintings, quilting...  it was just brilliant. Collaboration is a huge part of the art world and to really invite the blogosphere in was not just genius, it makes me feel totally justified in what I'm doing here at A&D. It was publicly acknowledging that writing/blogging is an art form. Bonus!

What really made this event special are those little black boards you see under every piece.  It wasn't just a collaboration between artists, everyone at the event was also welcome to join in by writing their thoughts on stickers and placing them there. 

I shot a ton of those stickers; you can see a handful after the break. There was a lot of other goings on during the auction, look for more photos soon on my Flickr (FYI, the actual auction part is taking place in a couple weeks and all proceeds go to the Nature Conservancy to assist in Gulf cleanup).
This shot is fantastic. Makes me want to go outside!

I'm in awe of the clarity you captured of germination! (science geek)

This makes me feel like I do belong. :)

I want to go to there...

Who Will Survive the Zombie Apocolypse

I'm a Republican

Fuck yeah, art!

Very cool pattern

I know right?!?


Coffee'll kill
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