Blogher... Do Not Toss

Yep, that's my badge envelope. Here we go!

Blogher '10.  It's in NYC so I have absolutely no excuse not to attend.  I'm both thrilled and terrified.  Me, in a giant room filled with women? Highly opinionated and extremely talented women? This is not necessarily what I'd call a comfortable situation.  However, I do think I'm excited enough to overcome my fears and will brave the conference alone, leaving with handfuls of new friends, photographs, swag and contacts.

Or die.

I've been trying to kind of ignore it the last few weeks because facing this is facing my own silly insecurities.  I know I'm not the only one with these feelings, but that doesn't make them any less... ooky.  I mean, I'm outgoing enough, but... this a huge group of WOMEN.  Let's face it sisters, we can be a little harsh sometimes.  It's what makes us special and extremely intimidating.

So like, what if I'm the worst blogger/artist/photographer there?  What if I don't meet anyone?  What if I let the awkward take over and I hide in a corner the entire time?  What if I ask a dumb question?  What if I don't ask any questions at all?  What if I do something to embarrass myself, like make an incredibly lame joke or spill my drink? What if... people make fun of me?

Oh the horrors!

Honestly, when I put it all out like that, it just seems ridiculous, doesn't it?  Who cares.  I mean, really. Who gives a shit about any of that?  This is about a new experience and meeting people I would never normally have the chance to shake hands with.  In fact, if I really walked in with all those silly fears,  it just means I'm being as judgmental as I fear others will be to me, right?

So, who else is going?  Let's be Blogher pals. I've got an arsenal of terrible jokes to tell you.
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