KickStarter of the Week: Lasersaur

Laser cutters are expensive. Like really expensive. Like $30,000+ expensive.  So what if you could build your own at a fraction of the cost?

That's what Lasersaur is trying to accomplish with the help of some KickStarter funds. They think they can make a totally open source and repeatable laser cutter for under $5,000 and a budget version for under 3k.

Any maker of any kind (artists, architects, DIYers, designers, etc) can benefit from having a laser cutter.  It allows you to create and reproduce things (ie robot parts, designs, bike parts, etc) over and over with... well with laser precision.

So, with the help of your funds they can get crackin' on the first prototype.  The best part if you do help out? You get to be a tester.  

You call also pick up some schwag for your pledges, exclusive access to design documents, behind the scenes photos and documentation and way more. 

Please to be checking this week's KickStarter out.  Even if you don't need a laser cutter, there are LOADS of people who will benefit from this.  It's a fantastic creative cause. 
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