Tom foolery.

Scandalous (by RGP)

For the last, oh I don't know... 3 years? Maybe more?  I've pretty much been a sort of shut in.  I'm responsible, I work all day on my photography, try desperately to catch up with my writing, go to my day job, watch tv at night and basically don't do much of anything else.

Then about 2 weeks ago, it felt like the summer weather flipped that random switch that never turned anything on and suddenly there's a light glowing out on the porch.  I've been a little irresponsible, stayed out too late a handful of times and generally been up to "no good."

Why it's not good to have this much fun, I'll never know.

It could be a phase. It could also be a major life change. Either way,  I haven't been this content and happily exhausted in a long time.  I tell myself it's okay to slack off a little because I'm searching for some crazy inspiration.

Of course, that other side of my brain is starting to nag.  I have to start mixing the priorities in with the tom foolery. A healthy balance is needed or I'm going to torment myself into misery. 

So, fellow artists, creators, writers and no-goodniks, how do you do it?  How do you force yourself to sit down and create when you've got the itch to go out and play?  And as artists, should we even resist that urge or is it actually more productive to get out and do it, making room for new inspiration? 

And what's the meaning of life anyway?
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