Musicals are different...

Me at Work

Seriously different.  I mean, every show I run is different but when I'm neck deep in a musical, everything seems so much for dramatic.  Tech is longer, there's musicians involved, people are constantly warming up whenever and wherever they feel.  It's like a nuthouse really.

That's where I am right now. In a nut house filled with music.  Last week was tech.  Now we're in the middle of previews which is basically the same amount of working hours (we have rehearsals during the day until we officially open), but a lot more sitting around on my butt... and listening to people warm up.

I wonder what's happening to my brain when a loud and sudden "OOOOOOOOooeeeeeeee OOOOOO" doesn't startle or surprise me. 

Speaking of brains and musicals and work in general, I find I constantly have to switch gears. Instead of sitting at home and working on photos and doing all the creative things I like to fill my day with, I have to take a more thoughtful approach to my day.  In case you don't know exactly what it is that I do, I run automation.  That's the machinery of the stage.  The moving parts where clearly no human is pushing, pulling or physically manipulating in any way. 

On top of that, I'm the deck carpenter.  Which means I maintain the stage.  Props, scenery, whatever needs fixing. That's me. 

It's getting really difficult to balance the two sides of my head.  It's hard to dive 100% into something artistic when I'm also thinking about the math that makes the automation move. Which is funny because theater is a pretty creative job.  Just not my end of it.

P.S. as I write this, there is a man over my head singing a song with a Davy Crockett coon skin cap on, a full 6 piece band playing to my right and a naked man getting changed to my left.  Welcome to my regular day.

P.P.S That photo up there is from another show. I haven't had time to take a shot of my current work space yet... but it's pretty much the same.   

P.P.S Yes, I do work near where the Times Square car bomb was last night but all was well on this end.  In fact, my subway ran surprisingly on time so I even got home at a reasonable hour last night. Weird.
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