Killing Women

Killing Women (by RGP)

This is Autumn Hurlbert, Lori Prince and Lisa Brescia, the three gorgeous and talented ladies that have been taking up the creative space in my brain the last couple of weeks.  They're the stars of Kef Productions latest show, Killing Women, and I got to shoot them. 

I highly suggest that you go see this show if you find yourself in the NYC area in the next month.  Previews start tonight so hop on it. 

Yesterday I got to do the production shots and I'm pretty stoked with the outcome.  Of course, with gals like these, how could I fail? 

More on those once the other show I'm working on slows down a bit.  We're still in all day rehearsals with shows at night. In fact, I did the production shoot for Killing Women on my dinner break yesterday.  Oy!
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