KickStarter of the Week: Absentia (A horror movie)

What if there were cracks in reality and we could be pulled through into total darkness?  That's the idea behind the latest horror in progress, Absentia,  by award winning writer/director Mike Flanagan (Oculus).

If you've followed me for awhile, you probably already know I have a soft spot for the horror genre. I particularly enjoy films like this that don't rely on gore and guts to get the chill across, but instead prey on our psychological fears. 

Absentia relates itself to films like  The Exorcist and Session 9 where the viewer really gets to know the characters involved and the threat often goes unseen. "After all, what you DON'T see is always scarier than what you DO...."

So, why the KickStarter?  Well, every independent film needs a little help of course.  The money this one earns (goal of $15,000) will go towards securing additional capital from investors and also used to begin principal photography. 

As always, you get a little something in return for your pledges.  Donate just $5 and receive exclusive reports from the set as they go through pre-production to the release.  $10 and you get the reports plus photos, footage and film progresses.  $100 gets all of that plus credit in the closing titles, a signed copy of the script, a signed DVD of the film, copy of the score and a DVD of Oculus.  

There's way more (get a walk on role in the movie!) so be sure to check out the KickStarter page and definitely watch the video they put together for the project.  I loved it.
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