Kick Starter of the Week: SYZYGRYD (AKA giant flame thrower)

Burning Man isn't Burning Man without a 2.5 ton musical instrument that breaths a 20 foot tall fire tornado, right?

That's what Syzygryd is trying to do. For reals people.  I mean, how could you not pledge to a Kick Starter with the goal of spreading collaborative music like wild fire?

See what I did there?

So yeah, this massive musical instrument allows three people to join together and create music.  The fire will respond to the sounds they create.  They need our help to fund the fire part. The $8,224 they're asking for will go towards hoses, hardware, fuel regulators, ignitors, custom parts, propane, and more. 

So what do you get if you give (besides the awesome feeling that you just helped build a fire tornado)?  $5 gets you a couple stickers.  $40 and you snag an embroidered patch and stickers. $125 for a t-shirt, custom CNC-cut vinyl laptop cover, patch, hangtag and stickers. $1,500 and you get your own hand held theatrical propane flame effects device (aka a flamethrower) plus all the schwag. 

There's way more pledging options so you'd better just head over there and check it out for your self.  Save a flaming tornado today!

From the video: "Turns out this stuff isn't rocket science. It's just pyrotechnics."
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