Feed Reading on a Saturday

After an extremely long week, I'm pleased to finally find the time to dive into some serious inspiration and give myself a break. I hope these little features can do the same for you!  What did you find in your feed reader this week?

  • Everything.  That's what this and 6 other videos are about.  An awesome collection of short works by more than a handful of talented artists.  Go here to find the rest.  via: Change the Thought

Everything (Ep. 6) from dannyjelinek on Vimeo.

  • Photography like this can't just go unnoticed.  Ryan Furbush has a knack for fascinating portraits and interesting shots of the every day. via: BOOOOOOOM
Ryan Furbush

Untitled (by J.R. FURBUSH) Untitled (by J.R. FURBUSH)

  • Everyone I know, including myself, is becoming a Gaga convert.  I mean, you just can't ignore her, can you?  Fascinating, creative, unique and insanely talented, Gaga can now add "delicious" to her repertoire.  These Gaga cookies were made by a couple of inspired teens in Florida. via: Design for Mankind

Gaga Cookies

Other stuff you just shouldn't miss:
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