Etsy Wednesday - Window Shopping

You know how it is. You'll just be walking down the street and catch a glimpse of something in a window and think "Oooh, I gotta have that." You don't really need it, but the window made it look so... necessary.

Same goes for Etsy, but in this case it's all about the photos.  Some sellers are so good at presenting their wares that even though you don't need it, you want it.  Here's a few finds that fit that particular category for me:

Topiary by KoledaLittle Topiary Fir Tree ($15)
by Kaleda
I mean, who really needs a decorative topiary?  I do now. Before I saw this I never thought "Hmm, a little scented topiary would be just right in my kitchen."  Now I want all three.

Salt and Pepper from Midwest FindsSalt and Pepper Shakers ($38)
from Midwest Finds
I'm pretty sure the salt and pepper shakers on my stove just broke and I have to replace them right away.  Thank goodness I found these.  Where would I be without Etsy?

Tissue Pom by Sweet PomsTissue Pom ($5)
by Sweet Poms
I don't really have guests at my home, it's just not that kind of home.  But now I suddenly want to dangle a bunch of these from my ceiling, buy a proper couch and have a party.  What the heck?

Sugar and Creme by Haus of GloiSugar Creme Emulsifying Scrub ($10)
by Haus of Gloi
Dude, I don't even know what "emulsifying" is, but this looks like the seller is suggesting I bathe myself in a coffee based treat and I am totally on board.  Want. Might eat.

Felted Acorns by 
Green Baboon DesignsFelted Acorns ($14)
by Green Baboon Designs
Um, hello. I need something to go with my new topiary.  It seems only logical I gather a small collection of these adorable felted acorns to surround it, right?

White Bottle Collection by Sara Paloma PotteryWhite Matte Bottle Collection ($800)
by Sara Paloma Pottery
I love this product shot.  I wish my house was even close to this clean so I could have this look sitting somewhere all the time.  Makes me want to paint everything white... even my black cats.

Black and White Pillow by Be StillBlack and White Stripe Pillow ($44)
by Be Still
OK, I won't paint the cats after all.  I'll just go with a black and white theme. Y'know, except for the topiarys.  I guess I need to hire a cleaner.

Handspun Yarn by FiberstoryHand Spun Yarn ($58)
by Fiber Story
I haven't updated my yarn stash in months, let alone knit.  Now suddenly I'm dying to knit a sweater even though it's summertime. Stupid Etsy.
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