Etsy Wednesday - Five From Brooklyn

There is so much going on in the arts in Brooklyn.  I love living in such a creative borough of NYC.  It's really inspiring.  So this week I pay homage to my home "town" with some of awesome Brooklyn Etsy sellers.  Enjoy!

What Might Have Been by Cubist Literature (C.Lit)Tshirts, Bags, Knitwear, etc
by: Cubist Literature
As the tag line says, "All we got are really cool clothes!"  It's true, I love the tshirts here.  If I had the dough, I'd have one of each... with a matching bag... and button.

Tupac Shakur Cupcake by BakerazziCelebrity Inspired Baked Goods
by: Bakerazzi
Sorry for those of you outside of NYC because they currently only cater to our area, but how could I not feature such a fabulous shop?  I'd like a dozen Colin Farrells please!

Recycled Sail Pillow by Reiter8Recycled Sail Pillows, Bags, Purses and more
by: Reiter8
I'm not really into sailing personally, but I'm totally into these recycled sails.  They've thought of everything here, even unique luggage tags made of, you guessed it... sails!

Brooch by Tilly BloomBrooches, Bracelets, Bookmarks and more
by: Tilly Bloom
I've always kind of wondered why brooches haven't made an accessory comeback.  Maybe it's because we were waiting for someone like this to come along? 

More Light by ResurfaceUnique Lamps
by: Re-Surface
What's Brooklyn without its graffiti?  These lamps are seriously way cool.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes... and they're not all graffiti. A must see.
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