We are not professionals.

Easy Thigns to Do

Completely re-designing a site is not in this book.  At least, not for me and my site design partner ( my mom! ).  We've been working with Movable Type for ages now, but getting it to do what we want, it's not an "easy thing to do."  And considering she's upstate, I'm down here in the city and all of our correspondence is over IM or email, we're doing a bang up job. But...

We are not professionals.

This is taking, well shit, it's taking just about as long as we thought it would... forever.  I'm not getting impatient, because I'd like it to be just right when we go live with it.  But I am going a little bonkers.  I think this is to be expected.

We've come a long way. It is nearly finished.  It's just a matter of some tweaking, rearranging and some serious swearing at the style sheets before we can call it a done deal.

Do not try this at home. Y'know, like we are. 

Thank you for your patience.
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