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Under the Bridge (by RGP)

Working very very hard on the redesign of Arts & Dafts, hence the quiet time around here.  It's very strange to be on yet totally off the grid.  I've been here in front of my computer but didn't check my Twitter for about 48 hours.  Didn't work on a single photo until this morning (see above).  And of course, I haven't blogged... which I actually felt very guilty about (which is strange considering I was actually working on the blog).

Anyhow, I'm going to take a moment to do so now.  Prepare yourself for a little train of thought.

It's interesting to me how very important blogging has become in my life.  The idea that I have the ability to concentrate on all the things I love so much in life and share them here is still amazing to me. After years and years of blogging (though A&D has only been around for 2 now) I've never grown tired of it. 

I wish I could say that about everything else in life.  But that's kinda why I started A&D in the first place.  My focus has always been creativity and the arts, but within that I'm all over the damn place.  Did you know I can knit? And I did so feverishly for a few years.  Now I just have a giant stash of yarn sitting in the corner. 

Then sometimes I play with beads, but that never lasts long.   I tried to learn to play the drums for a minute.  It went well, until something else caught my fancy.  Might have been the knitting.  Then I'll spend months filling up sketchbooks with doodles until I decide I want to be a bookworm, or an avid gamer.

I've always been terrible at favorites too.  I can't single out a favorite song, book, color or movie.  Ask me today and I'll tell you one thing, ask me tomorrow and it'll be completely different.

I used to think that made me flighty and I've always been jealous of people like my brother who know exactly what they want to be (musician in his case).  What I realize now, after I've actually stuck to two solid things in my life (Arts & Dafts and photography) is that I'm just wild about all the possibilities there are out there.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow I could be a glass blower or a potter or a cop!

Ok, I won't ever be a cop, but I know a few and I love to hear their stories.  Does that count?

So yeah, I'm proud to be a Jane of all trades, master of many.

P.S. Keep your eye out for the redesign in the next few weeks! Oh boy!   
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