Some Late Feed Reading

OK, it seems I'm back up and running with a decent connection at work so I can get back to some regular posting. (Huzzah!).  So here's a late edition of this weeks feed reading. I hope you enjoy!

  • I love looking at other people's creative spaces.  They inspire me to reorganize (which is a rare and splendid thing) and usually give me a great idea or two.  The people at Blanket Mag clearly feel the same way because they're asking us to shoot our "Creative Spaces" and so they can feature them in their next issue! Oh, and they're also working on another great project about creativity and the time you were born. Check it! via: Blanket Magazine

Creative Spaces
  • NYC subway etiquette is a big part of my every day life. People have the most disgusting habits on our trains, like eating smelly fast food (you feel like you're working in McDonalds sometimes), throwing garbage on the floor and even clipping nails.  Well artist Jason Shelowitz has taken it upon himself to create some etiquette posters and I for one think they should become the norm.  See the gothamist post for an interview with him. via: Gothamist
Subway Etiquette

  • I love Spike Jonze.  I love his music videos.  Here's one he did with LCD Soundsystem (song is "Drunk Girls") that cracks me up.  Looks like it was a TON of fun to shoot. via: BOOOOOOOM

  • Holy cow these pencil drawings over photographs by the talented Ben Heine are totally rad.  via: Toxel
Pencil vs. Camera by Ben Heine

Other bits of internet you must see:

  • I really appreciate a minimal web design.  In fact, the redesign of A&D is on the minimal side.  Maybe not as much as some of these great examples, but definitely de-cluttered. via: Design Float
  • In the same vein, here's a great little article, "A Case for Space," on the importance of keeping your design to a minimum, even though our spaces (or screens) are getting bigger.  via: Design Informer
  • One thing that makes me a little nuts is seeing people's perfectly styled (and dust free) homes on design sites and in magazines.  Of course, I know (or at least hope) that in most cases they only look that way for the photo shoot.  Well here's a great little article showing us behind the scenes in Real Living Magazine. See? We don't have to live perfectly, unless we live on sets. via: Poppytalk
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