Kick Starter of the Week: Silent Bugler Productions

Theater is a big part of my life, so whenever I get a chance to help a project here on A&D, I jump on it.  Double bonus, this week's Kick Starter project happens to be run by a friend of mine!

Have you ever heard of Michael McClure's "The Beard"? It caused quite a stir in San Fransisco back in the 60s.  McClure, a big name in the beat poetry scene, created this scandalous work around Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid.  After 5 performances, the actors were arrested for "lewd and dissolute conduct." 

My friend and founder of Silent Bugler Productions, Kristyn R. Smith, is bringing the work back to the stage this summer at the Deity Supperclub.  Every production needs a little helping hand and that's what this Kick Starter is for.

The $3,000 goal will help pay for licensing fees, materials, rehearsal space, etc.  As usual, you get a little something in return.

Pledge $20 and get a poster, fake beard and $5 off the ticket price.  $50 gets you a ticket and all of the above. $200 gets you into the opening night party, 2 tickets and all of the above.

There's nothing I love more than bringing a little scandal to the stage.  My professor and mentor once told me it's just important to get people riled up as it is to make them laugh or cry.  The point is to make an impact.  I think Kristyn is on the right track.
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