Kick Starter of the Week: (a)Symmetry Cycle

Art meets science in theater.That alone is enough to get my attention and that's what this week's Kick Starter, (a)Symmetry Cycle, is all about.

Working in theater all these years, I know what it takes to get a production up and running. I also know what it means to be so in love with a project that it just has to work, no matter what and have helped put up plays on $100 budgets.  It's great to know there's something like Kick Starter out there now to help give us that extra boost.

So I intentionally set out to find a theater production in need of cash today and man, am I excited to share this one with you.

(a)Symmetry Cycle is the brainchild of Chicago playwright Chelsea Marcantel. As she says in her video, she loves people and that's what she writes about.  This time she's taking that love to a whole new level by involving the science of human interaction, relationships, etc. in three brand new plays: Numbfeel, Dumbspeak and Blindsight.

From the Kick Starter page: "The cycle as a whole will be an exploration of the interaction of science and free will, molecules and decisions, in human lives and relationships. A fusion of science and theatre, (a)Symmetry Cycle will follow the classic cycle structure of creation -- destruction -- rebirth as viewed through the lenses of biology, chemistry, and neuroscience, respectively."

So, lets get down to the nitty gritty.  If you pledge $25 or more, you get yourself a t-shirt or tote and a ticket to the show. $100 gets you the same, plus another ticket and a copy of the plays. $150 and you get all of the above, plus two tickets and artwork signed by the entire cast. 

And of course, as always, the most important you thing you receive is knowing you helped bring someones dream to life.  I mean, what sweeter payoff is there? 
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