Kick Starter of the Week: 1024 Bits of You and Me

His name is Pesi and he makes tiny awesome paintings.He wants to make a lot of these tiny awesome paintings, 1024 to be exact, and you can help by pledging to the Kick Starter project: 1024 Bits of You and Me.

This is the first donor collaborative project I've come across in Kick Starter, which is what makes it so special.  Pesi creates the work, but you provide the inspiration.  How cools is that?

Even cooler, you get to keep the painting (or paintings) you inspired!

So how does that work?  You give $10 or more, and for every 10 you spend, you give a word or phrase that Pesi will use to base one of his tiny paintings on.  Then the collection will go on exhibition at Art Prize, an open competition for artists, and a book (well, 4 books) will be created.  Then, as mentioned, he sends you your paintings.

Why 1024?  The initial goal was 1000, but after some thought and planning, Pesi realized the display would be best in a big 32x32 grid.  Do a little math and that equals 1024. 

You really can't lose with this one and the project only has 12 days to go as of today (4/6/10) so don't over think it, just cough up 10 bucks and help and artist fulfill a dream.  I mean, that's kind of a big deal, isn't it?
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