Friday Feed Reading - Inspiration from my arts folder

Happy Friday everyone! It seems the general consensus these days is that we've all subscribed to more blogs than we could ever possibly read. Take a moment today to browse and remind yourself why you started following them in the first place.  (for those of you not subscribing yet, I suggest using Feedly!)

I wish I had room enough to share with you every awesome thing I've found. Here's some highlights from the Arts folder of my feed reader this week:

  • The incredible work of Gregory Euclide makes me want to go play in the park.  I used to love playing with little twigs and found objects to create miniature worlds when I was a kid.  Gregory is doing it as an adult and artist and it's stunning. via: 72dpi
Capture#11 (by Gregory Euclide)

capture #13 (by Gregory Euclide)Torn from the making of knowing's vista (by Gregory Euclide)New Work For SCOPE 
(by Gregory Euclide)Capture#13DETAIL5 
(by Gregory Euclide)

  • I get a little smile on my face just thinking about the ridiculously cool photography project by Rip Hopkins.  Some are every day photos, some of people at work, some appear to be family portraits, but they all have one thing in common; Rip is in them all.  Just follow the little orange cable! via: BOOOOOOM
Euroholding Factory

\Flavia Street Circumvalatiunii Swimming Pool

  • Photography and illustration.  Real life and imagination.  These things combined make some absolutely beautiful work by Johan Thornqvist.  A must peruse. via: Burstoid
brandpost med hus

  • Great music, incredible effects and the idea of manipulating everything around you for play.  That's what you get in this super freakin' fun video: Maestro Moustache.  via: Change the Thought

Maestro Moustache from Girardot Florian on Vimeo.

Must see around the interwebs and more:

  • Have you heard of Art Directed blog posts?  I featured one last week actually.  Well they're basically blog posts, but the entire page is designed around it.  They're becoming a more regular occurrence around the web these days and that lead the mastermind behind design informer to create Heart Directed: A Gallery of Art Directed Blogs. Read more about it here. *drool* via: design informer
  • I love photography, as you probably already gathered by now, but one thing eludes me: lighting.  I mean, I get it... but I don't.  Thankfully I found this really fantastic article, Visualizing Studio Lighting.  It's basically lighting for dummies. via:
  • Just in case you've never come across it, you must see the 'Before and After" section in design*sponge.  It's seriously inspiring and you don't have to be an interior designer to enjoy it. Promise.  via: Design*Sponge
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