Friday Feed Finds

It's that time of the week again where I dive head first into the arts & design folder of my feed reader and resurface with some of the coolest finds.  What about you? Find anything new and inspiring in your feed reader this week?

  • Computers and the internet have made it possible for all of us to become movie makers these days.  That's awesome but sometimes it's hard to get to the really good stuff.  Thankfully this one has been spotted and passed around.  via: BOOOOOOM

Christopher Smith - Gently Gently from Boompa Records on Vimeo.

milchmorgen (by suzy_yes)abendrot (by suzy_yes)

  • Tell me you're not racing to the store for some chalkboards after you see this, I dare you.  This awesomeness is in Charise Harper's home (featured on Design*Sponge). It's a self portrait painting with two blackboards beneath it for drawing.  Genius.  via: Design for Mankind
Chalkboard Portrait

More great resources:
  • One of my absolute favorite social news sites, Design Float, has finally re-launched their blog as a super source for inspiration.  Check it. via: Design Float
  • I don't know how I missed this until now but BOOOOOOOM is working on a new project, "Small Victories."  It's all about those unintentionally funny moments in life getting caught on camera. Submission cut off is April 30th so get crack-a-lackin! via: BOOOOOOOM
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