Feed Reading - A Monday Edition

OK, I've been quiet long enough.  Still working on the redesign but if I don't get some blogging time in, the guilt will overwhelm me.  I hate that I missed last week's dip into the arts folder of my feed reader so we're gonna have some inspiration today.  What day needs inspiration more than Monday anyhow?

  • 3D is in.  It's like, so in.  However, I was really surprised to find this chunk of images on Inspire Yourself, stereoscopic images to be exact, because I was completely unaware of this technique until now.  You bet your ass I can't wait to try my hand at it. via: 72dpi
  • Photographer Bridget Collins of Brooklyn, NY has an incredible knack for catching the little moments on camera and making them something extra special.  Whether posed, candid or manipulated,  I'm inspired by every shot.  via: BOOOOOOM
Untitled (by everyoneknows) Untitled (by everyoneknows) Untitled (by everyoneknows)
  • Infiltrating the everyday. That sounds fun, right? That's basically what Trusto Corp is up to with their "messages of mayhem and absurdity hijacked from the visual style of our authorities."  In other words, they slip some satire into our everyday sights.  They're so clever, you might just scan over them on first glance. via: Change the Thought
BANKOS! (by TrustoCorp) BULEMIA (by TrustoCorp)

Other Must Sees Around the Internets
  • You've probably heard of Boston.com's "The Big Picture," but just in case you haven't... well now you know.  And you MUST check out last week's absolutely jaw droppingly incredible collection of photos from Holy Week around the world.  via: Boston.com
  • I LOVE this article, "Stop Reading Clients From Hell."  It's an excellent reminder to all of us, not just designers, that not everyone is an expert in our field, so stop with the name calling.  As he says in the article, "Every mechanic has had to undo the damage done by her customer's well-meaning but incompetent brother-in-law." A must read. via: Design Informer
What about you? See anything super in your feed reader this week? I want to know!
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