Etsy Wednesday - Robins Egg Blue

I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens yesterday to see the cherry blossoms and nab some inspiration.  If you've read my previous posts, you know I'm neck deep in code trying to get the new redesign working, and well there's just not a lot of creativity involved.

Sadly, the cherry blossoms weren't all out yet, but I did get my annual first Robin sighting of the spring. So I guess I got a little bit of that inspiration I was looking for...

Please excuse the lack of words this week.  I have, what we call around here, "code brain."  I think it's similar to being a zombie.  So.. ooooh, pretty pictures.

Handmade Ricebowl by Blue Sky PotteryWayfarer Purse by Pesky Cat DesignsBirdhouse by Door County Woodworks
Blue Bird and Nest by Lana O Crystal Hand Made JewelryTshirt by EllembeeStitch Markers by One Elf
Bird Egg Pillow by GiardinoBookcase by Painted CottagesBird Nest Photo 
Print by Art Studio 54

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