Etsy Wednesday - Stuffed

Who doesn't love a plushy doll?  The heartless I imagine.  Well, as much as I like to pretend I'm a cold and calculating... woman, I'm a sucker for plushies and other stuffed huggables.  You will be too after you take a gander at this collection.

Gerson Pentapod by Cotton MonsterKnitted Bunny by ChantelstarChoc and Berry Plush by 
Dodger by Adoptan AlienPanda by Knitting DreamsGreen Owl by Manic Muffin 
Petunia by Mint ConspiracyOcto-Plushie by Jayne DangerFlopsy by Plants and Animals
Chairy by Crafty is CoolPudgy Bird by BubbletimeBianca by Tiddlywinks
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