Etsy Wednesday - Going Green 5 Ways for Earth Day

Yep, it's that time of year again when we all do some extra recycling, plant a tree and generally just "go green" in celebration of Earth Day (April 22).  Ok, so maybe these days we're a little more vigilant, but y'know, sometimes going green can be a tricky adjustment.

Well, Etsy to the rescue with some super fun earth friendly products and recycled jems!

How's that for a segue?

Snack Bags by Evelyn FieldsReusable Snack Bags
by Evenlyn Fields
I'm a snacker.  If I don't have snacks with me throughout the day, heads will roll.  Therefore, I clearly need a handful of these bags for everyone's safety.  Plus... CUTE!

Beer Ring by Upcycled Jewelry CollectionsUpcycled Beer Bottle Ring
by Earth Glass
Officially the only time it's OK to get your finger stuck in the top of a bottle. Perfect for dad's who like to tell bad jokes at the dinner table, or those of us who just like awesome things.

Patterns by A Green SleevePatterns for Green Sleeves
by A Green Sleeve
Ok, this one is more for the do-it-yourselfer, but hey... sale!  They've got sleeve patterns for everything including: MacBooks, iPhones, coffee, lunch, art, plants and more!

Duster Refills by Mitsuyo DayDuster Refills
By Mitsuyo Day
I would totally use my Swiffer more often if I didn't have to buy the boxes of refills all the time... hahaha, did you fall for that?  Seriously though, I want these. I might actually dust.

Dryer Balls by Elas IdeaDryer Balls
by Ela's Idea
Balls! Blue balls! Well, they also come in green, caramel (yum?) and even argyle. Really though, these are fantastic wool dryer balls repurposed out of old sweaters.  Green two ways! Balls.
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