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Gotta See It - Dancers Among Us

An incredible photo collection featuring dancers around New York City.

And he's off...

The fella takes off for his 4 month gig away from home tomorrow. I'm just trying to keep my brain in check.

Etsy Wednesday - Stuffed

Sometimes you just need to cozy up with a little stuffed toy to make the world right again. Why not snag one of these cuties from Etsy?

Gotta See It - The TK Helmet Project

Stormtrooper helmets like you've never seen them before... and for charity!

Kick Starter of the Week: Silent Bugler Productions

Check out this fantastic project from my friend Kristyn who's going to put on a scandalous show.

Some Late Feed Reading

Check out some of the sweetest finds from my feed reader. Get yerself a good dose of inspiration!

Second Wind

Watch this beautiful little short film called "Second Wind" by Ian Worrel.

Quiet Time

Back at work with a limited internet connection. So the blog is getting a little quiet time.

Daily Photo Favorite: Rocio Montoya

A beautiful portrait by Rocio Montoya.

Etsy Wednesday - Earth Tones

Earth day is this weekend (the 22nd) and I wanted to continue on with the theme, but a little differently this time. So I've highlighted some awesome Etsy finds featuring earth tones. Yum!

Daily Photo Favorite: Marco Antonio

A stunning landscape by Marco Antonio.

Kick Starter of the Week: The Oldest Living Things in the World

2000 years and older. Can you even fathom such a thing? Rachel Sussman can and does.

We are not professionals.

Redesigning the website is draining my brain. Taking a break to write about it.

Daily Photo Favorite: Ulric Collette

Another stunning photograph found on Flickr.

Daily Photo Favorite: Gladly Beyond

Another superb photo, this time taken with an iphone.

Daily Photo Favorite: Tom McLaughlan

A beautiful scene photographed by Tom McLaughlan.

Friday Feed Finds

Another little taste of the wonderful things popping up in my feed reader this week. Enjoy!

Gotta See It: Artist Elene Usdin

Expand your horizons with multi-medium artist, Elene Usdin.

Daily Photo Favorite: espressoDOM

A photography by espressoDOM.

Etsy Wednesday - Going Green 5 Ways for Earth Day

Going green isn't always easy, but it can be fun and inspiring! Check out these great Etsy finds for Earth day.

Daily Photo Favorite: Pierre Wayser

It's high time i started sharing those single special shots I come across on a daily basis.

Kick Starter of the Week: (a)Symmetry Cycle

Art meets science in theater.That alone is enough to get my attention and that's what this week's Kick Starter, (a)Symmetry Cycle, is all about.

Feed Reading - A Monday Edition

I've been off the grid for too long and missed out on some of my favorite posting. So here's a late edition of Friday's Feed Reading.

Gotta See It: Single Ladies... Motown Style

You gotta see this amazing remix of Single Ladies... motown style.

Etsy Wednesday - Robins Egg Blue

I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens yesterday to see the cherry blossoms and nab some inspiration. Instead I saw my first Robin of the season!

Kick Starter of the Week: 1024 Bits of You and Me

His name is Pesi and he makes tiny awesome paintings.He wants to make a lot of these tiny awesome paintings, 1024 to be exact.

Take a moment...

Taking a moment to write a post after a long weekend of working on the redesign.

Friday Feed Reading - Inspiration from my arts folder

Happy Friday everyone! It seems the general consensus these days is that we've all subscribed to more blogs than we could ever possibly read. Take a moment today to browse and remind yourself why you started following them in the first place.

It's just one of those days...

Where I just don't have a thing to say. So here's some of my latest photography.

A little about...

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