This week in the arts folder of my feed reader:

So this morning I'm desperately seeking some kind of inspiration.  Naturally the first place I go is my hand dandy and overwhelmingly full feed reader (FYI - I use Feedly and you should too... best feed reader ever!).  

I never seem to have enough time for all feeds I've subscribed to so I thought I'd try a little experiment today and highlight some of the pieces that caught my eye.  Let me know what you think, eh?  Did you find anything wonderful in your reader today?

You should see:
  • Check out this super fun video that is both emotional and makes me want to go out and play. Also inspired me to find the musician on Grooveshark. Take a listen to Gonzales solo piano work, it's beautiful. via- BOOOOOOOM

  • Untitled (by kareene gervier)The mini interviews on Blood of the Young Zine are hands down my favorite interviews on the interwebs. They're simple, to the point and always fascinating.  It's all about young artists over there and this week they got the 411 on young graphic artist/illustrator, Kareene Gervier. via: Blood of the Young Zine

  • Speaking of illustrators, check out this beautiful work by m.e.y.o.k.o.(click to see them bigger on Flickr) via: 72dpi
Vespertine (by m.e.y.o.k.o.)hunter (by m.e.y.o.k.o.)Conspiration a 
la Reine 1 (by m.e.y.o.k.o.)

You should know
  • Hey poor, starving film makers!  Did you know you can win a trip to the Tribeca Film Fesitval and a MacBook?  To enter, make a 90 second ad featuring one of these six brands: Nokia, Novartis, Nature Valley, Best Buy, Voltaren, Lamisil, Chex Mix and Kodak. via: Inspired Mag
  • NYC artists! Jonathan Melber of 20X200 is teaching a one day class called Ten Things Every Artist Should Know tomorrow (March 20th).  Go here to find out more and register... fast!  He and his co-author, Heather Darcy Bhandari, of Art/Work will also be speaking at a panel next week (March 25th) at Barnes & Noble on 86th street. Click here to find out more. via: 20X200
  • Word has it, Lady Gaga and Quentin Tarantino are becoming thick as thieves and she'll be playing his next assassin.  It's true, I am a huge Gaga fan and of course, an even bigger Quentin fan. via PopCrunch
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