My brain is a barren rose garden...

Pruned Rose Garden (by RGP)

My brain is empty. Well, obviously it's not that empty because I'm still clearly capable of moving my fingers enough to type this.  I should say my brain wants to do everything other than what it should.   I'm not talking plain old creative block here.  I'm talking a serious case of the I-just-don't-wannas. 

Anyone got a solution for that?  Do you just give in and take a nap or watch some TV?  Or do you try to power through it and worry about the potentially half assed work later? 

P.S. I took that photo up there this morning when I attempted to reinvigorate with a walk to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens which, by the way, are totally freakin' empty.  Not exactly the inspiration I was looking for this morning.  I needed some color in my life, instead I found a barren rose garden.
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