Kick Starter of the Week: The Apology Line

This Kick Starter, The Apology Line, is a surprising and incredibly moving art project. 

Before I tell you more, I have to insist you go to the page and start the 10 minute video of recorded apologies. Some are hysterical, some unremorseful ...many of them goosebump worthy; particularly one woman emotionally apologizing to a Reverend.

The Apology Line, created by William Bridges and James Lee, was launched in the UK as an experiment.  They spread the word with posters, fliers, and advertisements inviting people to call a number and leave an anonymous apology.  The response was astounding with hundreds of calls each week

The Kick Starter funds will go towards bringing the line to America and eventually create a touring art show from it.  Now that's something I want to hear.

The goal is lofty at $10,000, but totally doable with your help.  Pledge $50 and receive a CD full of apologies from both the UK and US.  $100 or more and you get yourself that same CD plus a special exclusive invite to the opening of the Apology Line exhibition.  Kinda of hard to pass that up. 

Here's an example apology in case you haven't started listening to that video yet:

"I would like to apologize to my daughter who is twenty-seven now. For the fact that I always resented having a daughter. I wanted a son. And I wasn't a very nice mother to her. I told her I'm sorry. Things in her childhood... I have never told her the real reason because I think it would hurt her too much. I just want to say sorry. I don't want her to know it was me, I think that would be too painful for her. I love her very much. Thank you."
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