Kick Starter of the Week: Saving a Piece of 1972

Pledge to this week's featured Kick Starter and help an artist keep a long term promise to his mother.

How can you resist this one?  Rick Pierce made a promise to his mom when he was 16 that he would take care of her 1972 Super Beetle as he grew up.  So far, he's managed to do so.  However, as you can imagine, over the years it's gone from old to older to just not workin' anymore.

I'm sure you've guessed by now what this Kick Starter is asking for, but I'll tell you anyway.  Rick wants to get the ol' clunker back up and running again and that takes a good chunk change. 

$2,000 is the goal and (as with every Kick Starter) you get a little something depending on how much you pledge.  You can get a couple fun little things for $10 and under, but the real prizes (besides knowing you helped out of course) start at $50+. 

Pierce is a graphic designer and he will design an advertisement for you at $50, design a logo for $100, album cover or letterhead package for $250 or an entire site for $500 (limited to 10 people).  So basically, you're not just helping a guy's dreams come true, you're getting an insane deal on some professional graphic design for your brand/site. 


FYI, before you wonder if he's planning to sell the car or anything like that, check out the Kick Starter page for some FAQ. The short of it, he's gonna keep it for his family and pass it on to the next generation.

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