Kick Starter of the Week: Artist-Panhandler Partnerships

This week's Kick Starter is just too unique (and a little bizarre) to pass up.

After seeing a billboard with a famous artist collaborating with a famous clothing brand,  Cate White came up with this really incredible idea: buying ad space on a panhandler's sign. (See the video on the Kick Starter page to hear more about how the idea came to life).

She will pay these pandhandlers whatever they request, as long as she can afford it, to slap a sticker on their signs displaying her website.  It's a win/win situation with the homeless getting a little money in their pocket and Cate driving traffic to her website:

So the dough you pledge is going towards the website (designer fees), the stickers, the "advertising" budget and a little extra to give those who appear in her videos food/cigarettes, etc. 

White is asking for a modest $2000 to complete her project.  What do you get in return for your bucks?  $5 gets you behind the scenes videos of panhandlers discussing the project, blog entries and your name on the donor list.  $70 gets you the above, a URL on the donor list, a copy of her zine, a postcard of Cate's art and a surprise piece of her artwork. There's way more, so please go check it out.

With only 13 days left to go as I write this and 85% funded so far, she's only got a little ways to go. So pass up that dollar menu today and send it Cate's way.  It's a pretty damn amazing cause.    
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