Happy Sunday! You're gonna wanna win these...

Every now and then I like to do a little roundup of Giveaways (usually of the Etsy kind) because who the heck doesn't like free stuff?  It's simple really, click the images to go to their respective giveaways and win!  Which ones are you going to enter?

Your choice of a Boojiboo Apron
Giveaway by Girly Giveaways
I'm not much of a cook.  However, I'm still forced to spend time in the kitchen on occasion and although I'm not much of a girly girl, I still want one of these beautiful aprons!  See the giveaway for instructions!

Steampunk Ring by Londons Gate
Giveaway by Through Green Colored Glasses
Dude...this ring is amazing! According to the shop it features a "truly beautiful Bulova 17 Jewel Watch Movement."  Hell if I know what that means, but I want it.  Good luck suckers, I'm gonna win this one!

This large Buttercup Bag
Giveaway by Forshee Designs
Woah! What a print! Nothing better than a gorgeous big bag, right? This one measures 15" wide, so you can probably fit your tiny dog in it, if that's your thing. Hurry up cause this one ends tomorrow!

Pea Shoot Necklace by Bella-Bijou
Giveaway by Bella-Bijou Jewelry
Oh la la!  I don't have a lot of necklaces anymore and I've been dying to acquire some new ones. Wouldn't this be perfect?  It seems I keep forgetting these giveaways are for you to enter.  Mine, all mine!

Vintage Tray Memo Board by Mostaza Seed
Giveaway by Favourite Vintage Finds
You might be able to make this yourself, but quit kidding around. You're not gonna and Mostaza has paired up the tray with some beautiful magnets.  This upcycle is inspiring and adorable.  You gotta have it.
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