Gotta See It: Layer Tennis - It's on!

It's that time of year again...time for Layer Tennis! I wrote a post last year on what it's all about so check that out.  In short though, it's a 10 round live competition between two artists swapping layers and making something new every time. In the past it's focused mostly on design, but this year there's typography and photography manipulation as well.

Check out the beginning and end of the last match where two typographers duked it out:

Layer Tennis Font
Layer Tennis Font2
Click here to view the entire complete match.

This week, a match after my own heart where two photographers (Sam Javanrouh of Toronto and Naz Hamid of San Fransisco) "shoot and upload a live dialogue of photos from their respective cities." There's also commentary that follows the competition from a neutral party, however this time Mark Greenberg of Mayfair Recordings will be composing a score to go along. 


Get going! The match has begun! And be sure to keep checking back for future bouts.
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