Gotta See It: How to be a Retronaut

We find new blogs every day, right?  Stumble across them, follow links via twitter and facebook, etc.  Sometimes we find only the one article was interesting, sometimes we click the subscribe button, sometimes we scan a little before moving on.  Then, every once in awhile, you stumble across something and an hour later realize you're still reading.

That's what happened to me with How to be a Retronaut

It started when a friend sent me a link to these stunning mixed images of modern day and 1945 Amsterdam by Jo Teeuwisse, a historical consultant in Amsterdam.

Liberation Parade, 1945 Amersterdam

Jo bought a handful of negatives in a fleamarket, found where they were taken and shot new photos of the same spot.  Then, as you can see, mashed them up for some really incredible images.

This was plenty to pique my interest so, as I mentioned, an hour later I realized I was still poring over the content in Retronaut. (Now I know where my days go... *sigh*).

What the heck is a Retronaut anyway?  Well according to Chris Wild, creator of the site, "A Retronaut is someone who goes back in time using just perception."   Read more on the About page. In fact, I insist you go there and read up on anachronisms, a word I only just learned from Chris.

Turns out I've been somewhat of a Retronaut all this time.  I've always had this strange tendency to use old, washed up terms (ie - "That's swell!" or "That's malarkey!").  I love the effect they have on people.  In fact, I've even caught a few acquaintances breathing new life into the old slang I use around them.  You should try that by the way, it's fun.

Anyhow, enough jibber jabber.  Are you reading the Retronaut yet?
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