Friday Feed Reading - Inspiration from my arts folder

I had so much fun highlighting some great stuff found via my feed reader last week, that I just had to do it again.  Nothing like some quick inspiration to get your day going, right?

Did you find any great entries in your feed reader this week?  Please do share them with me!

  • Check out this incredibly AWESOME idea to turn a pre-fab garden shed into a studio!  Stupid Brooklyn and my lack of backyard.  Maybe I'll put one up in the park? via - design*sponge 

  • While you're at design*sponge, check out this super DIY project.  Turn a plain ol' ikea chair into a beside table with a drawer! *loooove*
  • Ok, I'm just straight up in love with this Parallel World Project from Ji Lee.  I insist you click to see the larger versions and also see the rest of the project.  Who wants to move to the ceiling with me? via: BOOOOOOOM

  • These oil paintings, yes... I said paintings, are just ridiculous.  And by ridiculous I of course mean ridiculously stunning.  You'd be missing out if you didn't go view Lu Cong's collection immediately, if not sooner. Also on Flickr. Also via: BOOOOOOM
Study of Kelsie (by Lucong) Study of Kelsie II (by Lucong)

  • In case you didn't know it, thanks to the Impossible Project, Polaroid is back!   Just a few days ago, the 22nd to be exact, they held a press conference introducing their first analog instant film for use in the traditional PX100 and PX600 Polaroid cameras. 40 photogs around the world were invited to test it and form the Impossible Collection. via: Poppytalk
"le van son" by Boris Zuliani, Vietnam 2010 Mr. Bean by Jeff Hutton, USA 2010 Untitled by Zora Strangefields, Germany 2010

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