Etsy Wednesday - Ten newly listed items!

Happy hump day everyone!  Today's Etsy wednesday is focused on featuring items that were newly listed today.  Get 'em while they're hot because I'm sure they won't last long.

Set of 7 Stackable Rings - $80
Nelly VanSee
I'm really into stackable rings these days and this gorgeous, tone fading set is perfection!  7 too much? There's also sets of 5 as well as a bunch more beautiful jewelry in this shop!

Milkshake Moo Card Necklace - $50
Ok, now this I gotta have! Seriously, gotta have.  First you have to know what a Moo card is, then you'll see how absolutely genius this idea is.  P.S. My birthday is totally coming up.

Brazilian Ebony Handcrafted Guitar Pick - $12.50
Not something your average guitar player would splurge on since picks tend to disappear so quickly, so why not gift one to your musical friend? They also have keychain versions!

Real Framed Dragonfly - $24.99
Real Butterfly Gifts
If you're not into insects then this might not be your thing. If they don't bug you, then check out this incredible collection of framed butterflies and more (all raised on cruelty free farms...who knew?)

Dipping Dish - $18
Hope Johnson Ceramics
Just the other day I was wishing I had something for dipping. No joke.  I'm always using a giant bowl for tiny jobs.  So how perfect are these?  Tons of designs offered in the shop...
Giant Octopus Laptop Sleeve - $37.95
Whether you're into giant octopuses, pink elephants or just clean, sleek graphic designs, Lollington definitely has a laptop case you'll dig.  Yes, they custom size and also offer zipper options!

Steampunk Hidden Methodology Cuff Links - $75
St. Joshua
This is why I wish I wore cuff links...or even owned shirts that would hold cuff links. Lucky for me, the shop is filled with incredible steampunk accessories.

Bathroom Vanity turned Chalkboard Organizer - $49
Half Pint Salvage
This shop is full of things I, want.  Repurposed key racks, cabinets, coat hooks, jewelry organizers, etc. Surely there's something you need organizing in style?

Coin Purse - $25
Kimberly Jones Designs
Little know factoid about me, I love coin purses.  Don't ask me why, I have no idea. I definitely want one of these in my collection.  Prefer something bigger? They've got bags and clutches too!

Jump Shirt - $24
Circles and Squares
A well know fact about me, my daily uniform consists of a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing pleases me more than a great graphic tee.  This shop is full of inspiring designs for just about everyone.  Again, my birthday is in June so...y'know.
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