Etsy Wednesday - 10 ways to enjoy flowers... without actual flowers

Holy cow, spring really snuck right up on me.  Probably because I spent the transition month in a dark theater, but still!  All of the sudden I look out my window and there are buds on the trees, birds chirping in the morning and people are trading in their winter coats for...well smaller jackets. 

You know I'm not much of a girly girl, but I do love a good flower. Or bouquet of flowers. But we gave those up when we got a couple of super curious cats.  So here's some Etsy options to keep some... less edible flowers in your life.

Floral Wall Art Decals ($9.95 - $139)
by Surface Flik
FYI, it's not all giant wall pieces in this shop. They've also got tiny little accents. Like this sprout or a rose in a bottle. Clever, unique and gorgeous. I wonder if I can wear them like tattoos?

Kisslock Clutches & Totes ($33-$107)
by Briana E.
This is an incredibly gorgeous collection with designs for everyone.  However, the seller had me at 'go with jeans.'  Sometimes I need people to tell me I can be a little girly.  P.S. check out these birdies!

Origami Bib Necklaces ($17-$55)
by Babinka 1981
Ok, these are a little bizarre, but don't you love looking at them?  Plus Babinka offers a PDF tutorial on how to make your own!  For the more traditional, there are also floral brooches, hair pins and more.

Floral Lumbar Pillows ($30)
by Mi Casa Bella
It's shops like these that make me wish I "kept house."  Nothing matches in my apartment, but I might start if I had a set of these.  There are a ton of color options, as well as larger throw pillows.

Little Flower Earrings ($18)
by ZSB Creations
These come in so many varieties, you'd be hard pressed not to find just the right pair.  I personally love these red ones and the black.  I wonder if they tickle?
Jewelry/Decorative Boxes ($29.50)
by Design Hut
Ok, now boxes I love.  I don't know why, I just do.  This shop is bad for my wallet because I want all the different colors.  Heck, I might even hang them on my wall.  So pretty!

Leather iPhone Cases ($25)
by Tinder Bloom Studio
You know what, I don't have an iPhone, but I want one bad. I'd dress it up in all sorts of fancy cases to suit every occasion. OK, probably not...but I'd definitely get one from this shop.

Flora Photographs ($30-$40)
by HeyZee
Everything in this shop reminds me of spring.  There is a very clear color story going on in HeyZee's photographs. You could buy 10 different shots and they'd all go together.  Beautiful.

Popup Cards ($6 - $11.70
by Crankbunny
I don't think I've ever seen popup cards like the ones offered in this shop.  Have you? Be sure to look closely at this red flower... there's a little ladybug hanging out on a petal!

Porcelain Mugs ($35-$288)
by Yogagoat
I should probably just feature coffee mugs every Etsy wednesday, being my favorite beverage and all.  These beauties are made to order and you can by them in sets. I think I need a refill.
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