Etsy Wednesday - Get Your Geek On 10 Different Ways

I love geeks.  I'm a geek.  I grew up with geeks.  I work with geeks. And I love the Geekery section in Etsy.  FYI, I'm not talking the carnival kind (though I wish I knew a few)). I'm talkin' "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc"

Though I'm starting to think we can take out the 'peculiar' and 'odd' part of that as geeks quickly become a majority these days.

But hey, you certainly don't have to be a geek to enjoy these Etsy finds:

Son of Mac Magritte by Lil Decals ShoppeMacbook Decals ($4.99-$12.99)
by Lil Decal Shoppe
I don't have a Mac, I'm a PC. But I did put an apple sticker over the Gateway on my laptop for giggles. And how perfect is this play on the painting Son of Man (Mac) Magritte?

NES Hard Drive by 8 Bit MemoryNES and Super NES Hard Drives ($109-$169)
by 8-Bit Memory
Dude... this is brilliant, is it not? And so many games to choose from! External drives are available in 320, 500 and 640GB sizes.  There's also thumb drives and clocks and awesome.

Oxidation T-Shirt by IkyotoOxidation T-Shirt ($15)
by Ikyoto
These hilariously geeky shirts are screen printed with images found in a vintage Japanese science textbook.  You can get Oxidation (seen here), Evaporation and pH Equation.

Microscope Necklace by JL67Microscope Necklace ($24)
by jl67
Ok listen, I'm not a scientist nor do I ever pretend to even have a clue about science... but I really want this mini microscope.  How cute is that?  It will go nicely with the camera pendant I don't have yet, don't you think?

Knit Frog Dissection by The Crafty HedgehogKnit Dissections ($125-$150)
by The Crafty Hedgehog
I know what you're thinking.  "WTF?!," right? But how could I see these amazing knit dissections and not show them off?  I mean, who comes up with this geekery anyhow? Amazing.
Steampunk Monogoggles by Mann & KoryakinSteampunk Monogoggles ($110-$115)
by Mann & Koryakin
I have no idea why, but somehow I've got it in my head recently that I need a pair of steampunk goggles. Even if they just sit on my desk looking pretty... pretty freakin awesome.

Die, Die, Die My Darling by Paw & Claw DesignsDice Jewelry ($15)
by Paw & Claw Designs
I simply can't do a geek edition without seeking out some 20-sided die accoutrements. Get all yer dicey earrings and pendants here!

Twitter Pillow by CraftsquatchSocial Media Pillows ($16.99-$19.99)
by Craftsquatch
Twitter, Facebook, RSS, gmail.  Just a few of the awesome pillow options available in this intergeek shop.  You know you already dream about them, might as well dream on them!

Darth Vader Wine Stopper by Cool StoppersStar Wars Wine Stoppers ($12-$15)
by Cool Stoppers
You're probably already collecting the figurines, so why not add a Stormtrooper, R2-D2, Darth Sidious or Vader wine stopper?  Let's not pretend you can pass this up. You can explain later.

Spock by Fat Cat StudioStar Trek "Little Fatty" Dolls ($14)
by Fat Cat Studios
Perhaps you prefer a Trek over a War(s).  And of course every good geek's desk has toys so I'm thinkin' you need one of these.  Captain Kirk available.
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