Etsy Wednesday - Fine Art in 5 Mediums

This week we're going to take a look at some of the fine artists on Etsy and just a small handful of the mediums they cover. Enjoy!

Love Song by Richter Fine ArtIngrid by Richter Fine ArtDesire by Richter Fine Art

From Jeffrey Richter Fine Art. Pictured above: Love Song, Ingrid and Desire all originally drawn in black and white charcoal.  Jeffrey, an artist since high school, has also been a sculptor and painting instructor (I'd like to take his class!).  You can purchase prints and originals from his Etsy shop so hop to it!

Mom Mobile by John W GoldenTed Box Art Robot by 
John W. GoldenGolden Longboards by 
John W Golden

From John W. Golden.  Pictured above: Mom Mobile, Ted Box Art Robot and Golden Longboards.  John creates all of his work digitally and has an impressive design and animations resume (seen on Cartoon Network, CBS, TNT, etc).  Everything you in his Etsy shop begins as a blank computer screen. Impressive!  How can you not snag yourself a signed print?

The Dressmaker by Ink 
IllustrationsThe Keyhole by Ink 
IllustrationsBeatrix by Ink Illustrations

From Pale Preoccupation.  Pictured above: The Dressmaker, The Keyhole and Beatrix and her Knees. This artist draws inspiration for their ink work from childhood.  From the shop: "As a child I wanted to know what was inside, what was under, what was behind things. I still do."  As a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I really find myself drawn to these works, do you?

Nest 141 by RozArtCowboy by RozArtLeap 175 by RozArt

From RozArt. Pictured above: Nest, Cowboy and Leap. Roz has been a full time artist for 20+ years and has sold hundreds of original works.  She likes to call her work "whimsical fine art" and I'd have to agree.  Commissions are available and they're all original on canvas!

Tandem Bicycle by CB78Polaroid Camera by CB78Vesuvio Bakery by CB78

From CB78.  Pictured above: Tandem Bicycle, Polaroid Camera and Vesuvio Bakery. Christine Berry is a freelance illustrator from Glasgow.  Her current love, as you can see here, is drawing every day scenarios and objects.  Personally, I want every print of the camera collection.  Go see!
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