Etsy Wednesday - Photography Five Ways

In celebration of getting a new machine and the ability to work on my photography again, I figured I'd better feature some Etsy photographers. I've been lucky enough to stumble upon some really amazing artists and share them with you. Enjoy!

Click on the images to go to their individual listings on Etsy.

Ace Up Ones Sleeve from Pocket MemoriesCoeurenbois from Pocket MemoriesGuiding Hands Polaroid by Pocket Memories
Pocket Memories is a collaborative project by Coeurenbois (Marta Vallejos) and Buhoazul (Eduardo Martinez) focusing on "vintage and alternative photography."  They offer originals and prints of their Polaroids ranging from $15-$300.  With these two very unique, but cohesive eyes, you're bound to find something just right for you.

Digital and Paint
Pole Petrole by LabokoffPiquant Blank by LabokoffTrio by Labokoff

Labokoff offers beautiful and subtle mixed media prints from France.  The work consists of digital photography and her other favorite medium, painting.  She offers cards and prints ranging from $15-$180.  For more visual inspiration, see her website: LaBokoff La Boutique


As the Bird Flies by 
Jude McConkeyFade to Blue from Jude 
McConkeyCollapsed by Jude McConkey

Jude McConkey has such incredible work in her Etsy shop, I was hard pressed to choose just a few for this post. Ranging from $10-$140 and offering award winning work, how could you not want a piece on your wall?

Madame Baroque from 
Imagine StudiosGirl with 
Pomegranite from Imagine StuidosSpirit of Spring from
 Imagine Studios

Imagine Studios uses mixed media to create these stunning portraits and finds inspiration from classic artists like Degas, Waterhouse and Monet.  The artist prints all of the artwork herself, guaranteeing high quality work.  Prices range from $18-$28 for portraits.

Apparition from 
HelveticaneuePimento from HelveticaneueVerdigris from Helveticaneue

Helviticaneue Fine Art Photography has an incredible collection of collages called "Construct" where she stitchest together photos of architecture creating little fictional blocks.  A brilliant idea and beautifully executed.  Print prices range from $35-$85.
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